Can you get Supernormal abilities with Qigong?

This is the story of how our friend Qi-La conquered the world by discovering supernormal abilities with Qigong. And by ‘the world’ we really mean her world, because Qi-La is a lover and not a fighter. In fact, she has only used her supernormal abilities (or super intelligent abilities) to improve the quality of her life. In her search for knowledge on achieving health, Qi-La decided to consult one of her dearest teachers. She picked up Dr Pang Ming’s book.

You may know Qi-La from our informative Zhineng Qigong series, Ask Qi-La.

What is the connection between health and super-intelligent abilities in Zhineng Qigong?

In the Overview of Zhineng Qigong Science, he likened the connection between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and traditional Qigong to “two blossoms blooming on different stems of the same root”. Qi-La saw that Dr Pang described it with great conviction and through careful analysis of history, theory and practice. Now, she wondered why super intelligent abilities were addressed in Qigong. She needed to acknowledge the relationship between the two. She used more examples to help her understand. They were even described as two branches of the same tree. In another example, Qigong was the gentle breeze that rustled the leaves. TCM was like the deep roots that kept the tree strong and healthy.

Here she made some notes…

Why are Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong so interlinked?

  1. Qi (Energy): Both qigong and TCM are based on the concept of Qi, vital energy or life force. The balance and flow of Qi within the body are central to holistic health. In TCM, disruptions in the flow of qi, attributed to illnesses. Similarly, Qigong focused on the cultivation of Qi.
  2. Holistic Approach: They both emphasize a holistic approach to health and well-being and consider the interconnection between the body, mind, and spirit. Both aims to achieve balance and harmony within the individual and with the surrounding energy.
  3. Self-Healing: Both practices encourage individuals to take an active role in their own health and healing. They are aimed at supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself. TCM provides physical approaches (acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary changes). While Qigong promotes self-healing by facilitating the free flow of Qi, regulating the bodies functions.
  4. Prevention: Both Qigong and TCM emphasize prevention as a key aspect of maintaining health. They consider balancing one’s Qi to prevent the accumulation of imbalances that might lead to illness. In TCM this is adjusting one’s lifestyle and diet to avoid health issues.
  5. Mind-Body Connection: Both systems recognize the intimate connection between the mind and the body. Emotional well-being and mental states are considered crucial factors in overall health.
  6. Energetic Pathways: Both qigong and TCM involve an understanding of meridians or energy pathways through which Qi flows. In TCM, acupuncture points along these meridians are manipulated to balance the flow of qi. While Qigong methods involve specific movements and postures that open and balance these pathways.

Qi-La noted that these practices were very similar.

She added that both are synonymous with healing holistically, prevention of illnesses and cultivating balance within the body and with the flow of Qi. She considered that these methodologies influenced Zhineng Qigong. Now she had a different question. She did not understand how what she learnt related to supernormal abilities.

Then Qi-La Asked a Master…

What is the connection between supernormal abilities & health?

In this video Master Xi Xiaofeng discusses the relationship between paranormal abilities and health. He mentions that super intelligent abilities can be obtained through Qigong practice and is used to identify the characteristics of the body. That includes identifying illnesses and becoming more aware of one’s internal world.

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If you want to learn more about Paranormal abilities and ask questions of your own, check out our Ask A Master Page here

Now she needed to practice the methods for herself

Qi-La went to her trusted Qigong Teacher and mentor, he was someone who was taught by Dr Pang Ming and cultivated the practice of Qigong for decades. She asked if she could train to achieve supernormal abilities with Qigong to improve her health. During her practice, she discovered that Qigong was a way to balance the energy within herself, just like the harmony between yin and yang. She found out that people who practiced qigong believed that by cultivating their inner Qi, they could find peace, heal their bodies, and even unlock hidden abilities.

Some qigong practitioners believe that with enough, understanding, training and practice, they could develop extraordinary abilities. These supernormal abilities were actually present in all individuals, but most people have lost this gift. They spoke of seeing things beyond what the eyes can see, feeling the thoughts and emotions of others, and becoming more familiar with their own consciousness. Through Qigong they increased their awareness of bodily sensations, emotions, and their environment. After training for some time, here is what Qi-La achieved through diligent practice:

Supernormal Receiving with Qigong

comic of Qi la receiving soundwaves

She experienced things she has never felt before. One day in class, her Teacher whispered under his breath, it was barely audible but Qi-La heard this as loud as if he were screaming. In fact, all of her sensory abilities were functioning far beyond how they normally would. She was able to receive information more clearly due to the intercommunication between her senses, which included thought.

Some supernormal receiving abilities included:

  • distant vision (the ability to see things in far distances)
  • supervision like seeing through the body
  • distant hearing
  • the ability to perceive information with her consciousness, she even distinguished the different colours of external Qi sent by her teacher

Paranormal Sending with Qigong

This was Qi-La’s favourite type of Supernormal ability which involved using the consciousness to send information. The ability to send external Qi was something she practised before. She often used the La Qi method to do this. By using La Qi she collected external Qi from the universe and integrated it with her own Qi. Then she sent the Qi to a body part that needed healing. She often experienced cramps in her knee, by using this method she was able to soothe the pain very quickly and effectively.

Some other characteristics of super intelligent sending are telekinesis and changing the information of a substance. During class Qi-La learnt how to magnetize needles and make spoons more malleable for bending. To learn the La Qi method, and use external Qi to treat yourself, you can get this Free Qigong Starter Kit

Qi La fixing her broken knee with External Qi

In Dr Pang’s book Qi-La read:

“Being highly orderly in life leads to even distribution and deep penetration of Qi inside one’s own body. Even distribution and deep penetration of Qi lead to unobstructed pathways of connection with the universe. Being unobstructed in connection across the human body with the universe makes one miraculous in mental and bodily functions.”

Supernormal Thinking with Qigong

Qi La solving complex mathematical equations

As she read this quote by Dr Pang, Qi-La remembered that there was more to learn with her training. She learnt that some forms of supernormal thinking can manifest as:

  • spiritual enlightenment
  • heightened intuition
  • complex mathematical operations
  • directly obtaining results

In realizing that this may be the miraculous mental functions Dr Pang Ming spoke of, she searched for how the was possible. Through her studies she recognized that it was simply accessing information. In this connection to the universe, there is a great integration of all information. Similarly, to how one cell can reflect the state of all cells in the body, she thought that by being harmonized with the primordial Qi one could acquire this information.

Super intelligent Abilities of the body with Qigong

When relating to miraculous bodily functions, Qi-La looked at examples in Qigong. She trusted that one day with her continued practice, she would be able to demonstrate these abilities as well. These abilities included invulnerability, increased strength and manipulating the bodily functions such as slowing one’s breath and heart rate.

One example from Chinese philosophical literature explains these phenomena with regard to the relationship of inside and outside. It explores themes of extraordinary perception and the awareness of subtilities ‘within’ and says that this can be cultivated. It speaks of limitations and mentions that to go beyond is to also to go within. Breaking from the reference framework is a key theme as well in how the text describes that finding consistency in new experiences is a fault when one asserts this as correct since there is an assumption and a definition to what is undefined.

Qi La walking on fire

And so with that knowledge, Qi-La trained more and more. And while this story with supernormal abilities ends here, she continues to practice each day to cultivate her new craft. Stay tuned to see what she does next! If you want to learn more from Qi-La, check out our Qigong Mini-lectures where she teaches us all about the practice of Zhineng Qigong.

Review of the course “Develop super intelligence for holistic health”

” paranormal abilities are not rare in China and abroad and in ancient and modern times. We can say that they have a certain universality” – Dr Pang Ming

In the past three weeks of this online module taught by Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu, the biggest take away must be the confidence I have cultivated in my skills and the new knowledge gained. I must admit that it was a great privilege to participate in this training with support from other amazing Zhineng Qigong teachers. While a key theme in this training is that anyone can obtain these abilities, that are in fact inherent to each of us, I found that the information was really encouraging.

The profound knowledge shared, was deeply related to science and theory of Qigong. While the practice sessions fully supported what we learnt and helped to develop this understanding. In amazement, I followed through with sessions and each experiment to test these abilities was successful. The accessibility was also impressive, recordings were provided almost immediately after each live session. With this sincere awakening of the true self there is a powerful force at play. I can say with confidence that my true self is even more activated to be a guide. In turn there is clarity in understanding what I need, what information to console and what will cultivate health.

I suggest that you check it out for yourself here.

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