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How To Get into the Zhineng Qigong Starting Posture! 4 Easy Steps

The starting posture is a way to regulate the entire body. It is essential to any method you do in Zhineng Qigong. This positioning of the body allows for better circulation of the blood, and it allows Qi (life force energy) to flow easily. In this posture your body should feel relaxed and light, yet firm and strong. Enjoy this easy guide on How To Get into Your Starting Posture!

How To Start Meditation – Adjust the Mind with Qigong

adjust mind

Adjusting the mind Meditation is an important part of practicing Qigong, it allows for a focused and concentrated state. In Zhineng Qigong, practitioners adjust their mind before a practice session. In Qigong, it is believed that initially the mind is fragmented. Our thoughts and consciousness appear disunited and has a negative effect on our focus […]

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