What is Zhineng Qigong?

The Zhineng Qigong Student’s Hub helps students worldwide in learning the ground-breaking work of Dr. Pang Ming.

What is the purpose of the Zhineng Qigong Student’s Hub?

We offer a variety of products which are useful for Zhineng Qigong students worldwide. It is a central and neutral hub where one can buy Zhineng Qigong training videos, learn more, stay up to date with our global event calendar and find your teacher’s profile.

Is this an online shop?

Yes. Our main product are Zhineng Qigong training videos which are sold to the student via our platform.

How can I join / register?

Student of Zhineng Qigong may join our platform at any time. On the right top corner is a link to register, followed by a registration form. Your registration will be automatic and you may purchase items immediately.

How do I purchase the training videos?

We need your consent to load the content of YouTube.

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How do I download the training videos?


What is the “Global Event Calendar”?

The event calendar will give you a brief description of each workshop and link you directly to the website of the relevant teacher.

What are the “Training Videos”?

Our Online shop is designed to provide you with training videos to deepen and better your practice. You will learn from the world’s most advanced Masters in easy steps and in your local language. Whether you want videos explaining the details of an exercise or simply videos that you can follow while practising yourself, you will find them here!

What is the “Teacher’s Directory”?

If you are looking for a Zhineng Qigong teacher near you, this is the place! Find short introductions to teachers worldwide and get directed to their website so you can find the perfect match for your individual needs.

What is the “Resource Center”?

Browse our Resource Centre for further information or tools on Zhineng Qigong. Get inspired by what is possible and learn from others. We will add more resources over time that we find helpful for Zhineng Qigong students.

How can I pay?

We use PayPal as means of international payment.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in sunny Cape Town, South Africa, but our servers lie in Germany, which falls under the EU DSGVO territory. All requirements were adhered to.