How To Feel Qi! Easy Step-by-step Guide for Qigong

Can you Feel Qi?

We can experience how our Qi (life force energy) manifests itself inside of us on a mental, physical and emotional level. At the same time, when we practice the different methods of Zhineng Qigong, Qi follows where our mind flows! Following a recent discussion with Master Yuantong Liu, he mentions the importance for student’s to Feel Qi when practicing Qigong, as this helps them to feel the impact of Qi. He explained that it can be felt with simple exercises and that student’s need to practice in order to reach a better understanding.

Some individuals are more sensitive to feeling Qi than others. In order for you to Feel Qi, you should take as long as you need. While the sensation is experienced differently amongst individuals, many people respond describing Qi as a warm, tingling, or pulsating sensation.

Here are the steps to feel Qi:

  1. Relax

    Shake it out if you have to. Spend a few seconds engaging with your body and prepare yourself for relaxing all parts of it. Then sit or stand up straight in a comfortable posture. 

    shake hands

  2. Arms out 

    Put your forearms out in front of you, with your elbows resting against your sides. And with your palms facing each other, lightly stretch out your fingers.

    forearms out

  3. Tiger’s mouth

    Stretch your fingers out softly, as if you are holding Qi between your palms. Your fingers should be slightly curled inward and your thumb should be stretched away from the rest of your digits. We call this the tiger’s mouth.

    tigers mouth

  4. La Qi

    This step makes use of a movement practiced in the La Qi method. With a relaxed and quiet mind, slowly open your hands as if the Qi you are holding is expanding outward. Then close your hands inward as if it is contracting. Repeat this step several times.

    la qi inward motion

  5. Notice the Qi

    Focus on the sensations in your hands. As you draw your hands outward, notice the natural resistance you may feel. And as you draw your hands inward feel the Qi as more defined. Consider all the other processes in your body happening naturally and in sync with this movement.

  6. Shift your hands

    Ease your left hand out of Tiger’s mouth, stretch your fingers outward. Point your index and middle fingers of your right hand towards the center of your opened palm, naturally closing in the rest of your digits. Remember to keep your hands around one inch apart.

    finger point to palm

  7. Circle your right hand

    Slowly circle your pointed fingers around the center of your palm. Circle your palm for some time. Until you begin to feel the sensation in your palm.

    circle palm chi

  8. Feel Qi

    Qi accumulates when we practice the  La Qi movement. When your hand moves, it allows for the Qi to flow and induces it to act on your palm. As Qi is sent towards the center of your palm you may feel a warm, tingling or buzzing sensation.

    feel chi


So now that you know the steps, you can follow along feeling Qi with Dr Pang Ming where he explains Qi and demonstrates the La Qi Method! Click Here to see more rare footage of Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming translated in English.

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