How To Get into the Zhineng Qigong Starting Posture! 4 Easy Steps

What is the starting posture?

This How To is used to get into the Body posture and opening position in Zhineng Qigong. The starting posture is a way to regulate the entire body. It is essential to any method you do in Zhineng Qigong. This positioning of the body allows for better circulation of the blood, and it allows Qi (life force energy) to flow easily. In this posture your body should feel relaxed and light, yet firm and strong. Enjoy this easy guide on How To Get into Your Starting Posture!

Here are the steps:

  1. Start with your upper body

    With your feet together and your body centered. Continue to you breath in and out as you naturally would.

     body centered

  2. Raise up Baihui

    Raise your Baihui acupressure point, and gently tuck in your chin. To raise your Baihui: position your ‘Adam’s apple’ backwards and upwards. Then raise up through Baihui acupressure point.

  3. Move on to your torso

    With your arms hanging down naturally, lift your hui in acupressure point up. Then tuck in your lower abdomen, drop down your tailbone and relax your waist.
    (For tips on this step watch the mini lecture below)

  4. Find your feet

    Continuing in this posture, lean your body forward until your weight rests on the balls of both your feet. With your entire foot still touching the ground, feel your body as relaxed and centered.

Can you hold this starting posture throughout the day?

starting posture qigong

Some Zhineng Qigong practitioners aspire to maintain this posture throughout the day.

“In this episode, Qi La takes us back to the basics as Master Yuantong Liu demonstrates the Starting Posture in Zhineng Qigong. For our beginner friends who have just started, and for our more experienced practitioners who are constantly learning and growing.”

To get in-depth knowledge and check your own posture, watch this special episode of Ask Qi La. In it you will find tips, interesting facts, and a demonstration of getting into the posture.

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