Body and Mind – Full Package


Body and Mind Method

Relax your body and expand your mind by taking your practice to the next level!

Also available in Spanish

The Body and Mind Method is the second level of Zhineng Qigong and focuses primarily on the development of the internal Hunyuan Qi. This method uses simple postures, but is more challenging because it will emphasize moving parts of the body that we do not normally move. Frequent practise is useful to overcome the challenge of mastering unifying body and mind. But, these exercises will teach the body and mind to work together, achieving a whole new level of unity and expansion.

You will learn ten sequences of movements and visualizations, , which can be practised isolated or in one session. Practise will help the Qi to harmonize ligaments, muscles, bones and joints in various parts of the body, literally from head to toe. The exercises facilitates the movement and distribution of Qi into the periphery of the body. Stagnant Qi starts to flow again, even in parts of our body which are rarely activated and moved e.g. shoulder blades, hips, ribs and vertebrae. The energy flows freely from deeply inside towards the very ends of the body, e.g. tips of fingers and toes. Tension in muscles and joints are dissolved.

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