La Qi Method


La Qi Method

Perform targeted self-healing to ease pain or increase energy and find oneness and balance in your life!

Also available in Spanish and German

The La Qi Method is a fundamental method of Zhineng Qigong level 1. It is an intrinsic practise, simple enough for beginners to do and practise feeling Qi, but also a fundamental exercise for an experienced practitioner to master. It is classified as an external Qi exchange practice referring to the energy and information exchange between external Qi and internal Qi. Through practice we learn how to use positive information from the Qi field of the universe, nature, human beings or any other object to eliminate any kind of blockages or leakages in our body.

This method will teach you a simple “open and absorb” movement, hands gather Qi and nourish either the whole body or specific focus areas, such as the Lower Dantian, the Hunyuan Palace, a specific organ or body part. By choosing where to send the Qi, you can focus on where you would like to provide relief or fresh, vital energy. The La Qi method is focused on establishing balance. It will teach you how to better transfer Qi within and without, encouraging oneness with nature, yourself and others. Therefore, regular practise will help you achieve a holistic state of health and well-being .

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