Rolling Spine Method


Rolling the Spine Method

Learn the method specifically developed for Westerners and inspired by the Wall Squat Method!

Also available in Spanish

The Rolling the Spine Method is a new Zhineng Qigong method designed to have the same essence and benefits of the Wall Squat method, but easier for us to master. By learning and practicing this method you will be able to loosen the whole spine and waist, open the Min Men, and strengthen the body and the function abilities of the kidneys. Just as with the Wall Squat Method, you will learn to balance the Qi in your body by removing blocked Qi, or Qi in the WRONG channel, allowing it to flow back to its regular state.

This method will allow you to enhance your lower Dantian (your hips and the energy there) so it is perfect for relaxing and opening your lower back, waist and spine. It also helps train willpower of consciousness by grounding, balancing and expanding your Qi channels. It is the perfect method for Westerners to learn before attempting the Wall Squat Method.

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