Wall Squat Method


Learn the method that was revealed and taught for the first time by Dr Pang – otherwise kept as a secret by the Masters!

Also available in Spanish

The Wall Squat Method is a simple practice and therefore, good for beginners, and is very effective in improving your alignment internally and externally. This exercise is also ideal for more advanced practitioners as it is a fundamental method used to build up your Gong Fu level!

Using your body and a wall, you will learn to guide your body into the correct posture, focusing on the alignment and movement of the spine. Practicing the correct alignment will help relax and strengthen your entire nervous system, especially because of the connection between your spine and the brain. You will also strengthen your body physically, while using the wall as a guide for ease of movement and to avoid strain. Internally, you will learn to massage your organs and naturally adjust the inner organs’ Qi, removing Qi that is flowing in the WRONG channel back to its regular channel.

This method can give you more strength and mobility in your hips and, therefore, the Mingmen as well, however, if you struggle with mobility in your hip joints, maybe check out and try the Rolling the Spine Method first!

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