Zhineng Qigong sessions, workshops and retreats happen all over the world, from locations as diverse as the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Its true origin is China where it was developed in the early 1980s by Professor Dr. Pang Ming, a highly respected Chinese Qigong Grand Master trained in both Western and Eastern medicine. In 1988 he founded the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training & Recovery Centre close to Beijing, also known in the West as the “Medicine-less Hospital”.

In this centre people gathered from all parts of China and later also from the West, to learn from Dr Pang Ming and his team the art of self-healing in a natural way. Many of these people suffered from diverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease. They were not referred to as ‘patients’ but rather “students”. Many of these new students had very serious symptoms. Thanks to the intensive Zhineng Qigong practice, many either healed themselves completely or achieved significant improvements in their health.

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When hearing about Zhineng Qigong and its amazing benefits, beginning the practice can feel overwhelming when you do not know where to start. With over twenty million people benefitting from it globally, we offer a solution.

The Qigong Starter Kit, provided by the Zhineng Qigong Students Hub and associated with the likes of Master Yuantong Liu and Teacher Britta Stalling, continues to be a reliable source of knowledge for learners across the world – providing countless people with all-rounded support and a sense of community as they embark on their holistic health journey.


Based on four thousand years of Chinese wisdom and traditional medicine, Qigong can be defined as the movement of the body to serve the spirit; treating the ‘whole’ person from soul to sole. This field of therapy is known as one of the most effective natural healing modalities – strongly linked to harmonising internal imbalances and even the curing of chronic diseases. This holistic approach has been proven to successfully treat all sorts of ailments with the appropriate practice. Qigong makes use of simple targeted movements, breathing techniques and visualization meditations allowing you to align the Qi of your mind, body and soul as well as improve your focus and actualize your goals.

While this practice was ideally adapted to improve our overall wellbeing, it has also been designed to save time doing so (with 10 – 60-minute sessions). From refining your health, to sustaining it – Qigong provides any person with the power to heal themselves. Our Starter Kit includes everything to set you up for a journey of healing and evolving to the best of your abilities all while training you in effective techniques to activate your Qi, the necessary force of natural life which nourishes and restores your strength.


Zhineng (Wisdom) Qigong is the further development of Qigong, now recognised as the world’s leading Qigong form and designed by Grandmaster Pang Ming. Merging Chinese medicine theory, martial arts, various traditional Qigongs (employed in Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Folk) it focuses on the inherent restorative and self-healing abilities we all possess. With the unhealthy lifestyles we often find ourselves leading, which would eventually bear fatal consequences, the goal of Zhineng Qigong is to simply enhance our health and vitality and improve our quality of life by restoring, nourishing and guiding Qi. Acting on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which control all bodily functions, this holistic treatment method will undoubtedly provide you with complete harmony and balance, and effectively facilitate a self-repairing mechanism in your body without the use of medication or harmful chemicals promising to achieve health.

With a 95% success rate amongst Qigong students affected by one or more severe illnesses (including cardiovascular and oncological diseases, diabetes, anxiety, and depression) this practice is for everyone wanting to improve their health. Our Qigong starter kit is a cost-free comprehensive training guide that includes theoretical and practical teachings and is comprised of a 1.5-hour live session, a training video, an e-book, and a guided practice audio; providing you with a simple fundamental exercise to practice in the comfort of your own home.


Zhineng Qigong therapy is a proven non-invasive, drug-free treatment method producing countless stories of success. Hospitals, and healing centres globally, have included Zhineng Qigong in their treatment plans, with certain health insurance companies acknowledging its effectiveness, and even partially covering the costs of treatments. With free-flowing movements and visualizations, we can explore how an initially efforted series of poses naturally transforms into an easy, (mentally and physically) freeing, intuitive act – leading to a complete sense of harmony.

Excluding the fact that Qigong has been implemented for over four thousand years, and that millions of practitioners worldwide provide validity to its methods, further credibility to Zhineng Qigong comes from the scientific studies done by Dr Pang Ming, therapists, and doctors, working in the Huaxia centre (summarized in over 3,000 research documents). This therapy is easy to learn and offers us an opportunity to create fundamental changes in our health. With our free Qigong starter kit, a good foundation of Qigong (necessary to succeeding in this practice) is guaranteed, and all you need is time: time to learn, time to practice, and consequently, time to achieve very promising results.


Dr Pang Ming is known as an icon in natural traditional healing. Since his youth, where he was influenced by his large family of Daoists and Folk Qigong practitioners, and Martial Art masters (possessing extraordinary metaphysical abilities), he showed a deep curiosity in natural healing and was inspired to use Qigong as a holistic healing practice. Dr Pang Ming was enthralled by his studies and continuously expanded his knowledge – extensively studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist Qigong, Taoist Qigong, Confucian Qigong, folk Qigong, and martial arts which earned him several titles for his outstanding work. Where his early teachings enabled him to successfully apply Tai Chi to the unwell, over decades he managed to not just focus on how to heal diseases, but also to prevent their recurrences and occurrences altogether. Grandmaster Professor Pang Ming was a leading entity in integrating Chinese and Western medicine in common clinical practice, the principles on which he founded the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic near Beijing, China.

Today it is known as the first medicine-less hospital in the world and is the largest healing centre of its kind. Over the years, more than 400,000 patients suffering from over 180 different diseases were treated, achieving unbelievable success rates. Accepting his responsibilities as president of the Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong Healing and Training Centre, he performed as a highly valued councillor to the China Association of Qigong Science as well as chairman to the Association of Zhineng Qigong. His achievements in the foundation and application of Zhineng Qigong therapy have inspired naturopaths and healers worldwide as well as impacting the lives of an innumerable number of patients (referred to as ‘students’). Today, his legacy of kindness and impressive pioneering work in natural healing are continued by Qigong masters and teachers worldwide, some having had the privilege of being trained by Dr Pang himself in rigorous training courses at the Huaxia Centre.