Developed by Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming, these immersive healing methods form an open style practice to regulate Qi (life force energy) in the body. This action of regulating the Qi has been proven to restore one’s health, improve the functioning abilities of the body and eliminate illnesses and diseases. It uses both body and mind to enhance health, and heal illness. The practice is done in a meditative state of deep relaxation, using visualization with physical movement. Start Qigong now with the FREE Qigong Starter Kit

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What is the Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down method?

The “Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down“ method (Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa) is the first level of Zhineng Qigong. This method is perfect for healing illnesses and improving health. The main characteristics of this method include integrating the mind and Qi, and also collecting and gathering Qi. The movements are easy to learn and are quite effective in inducing Qi, so much so that you can feel the effects in your body! But How do we induce Qi?

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The mind’s consciousness visualizations of this method

Along with physical movements, the Lift Qi Up method makes use of visualizations in order feel oneself more deeply integrated in the universe. In this way practitioners also integrate with Qi. Thinking “where the mind goes, the Qi follows the flow” and understanding that everything consists of Qi. When stretching the hands out on both sides, the mind imagines that the hands are stretched far across & reaching the horizon. When gathering Qi, the body is bent and the hands are on the meridians of the feet, one imagines inducing the Qi from mother earth; feeling rooted, energized, and supported by nature. These visualizations serve a higher purpose to better gather and absorb the Hunyuan Qi of nature. Practitioners gather Qi into the navel, the lower dantian, where they strengthen their mental and physical health and at the same time, reduce illnesses.


This method is a standing posture in Zhineng Qigong used to go from the external Hunyuan stage where the mind is used to the internal Hunyuan stage. In the external Hunyuan stage the mind’s Qi comes out to integrate with the universe to form one unity. On the other hand, the internal stage is used to induce qi where the mind and body are integrated and the mind is kept inside.

While in this method, students are aiming to merge the three centers of the body and mind (the center of Baihui, the center of the palms and the center of the soles). They merge these Qi points on the body to the center of the mind which is located in the lower dantian at the first level of practice. This method is also good for opening the lower back.

Fun Fact: This method is a foundation practice of Martial Arts

An interesting aspect about this method

In this method, practitioners are taught to “close the seven orifices of the head”. But What does this mean? The seven orifices of the head are the ears, eyes and mouth. In this method the senses: vision, hearing and smell are withdrawn into the center of the head, the Shenji palace. The Three Centres Merge method allows students to bring the senses inward where they can observe Shenji Palace, the home of the mind and the true self.

What are the effects of
Three Centers Merge Method?

This method is known for quickly mobilizing Qi and effectively improving the body’s health. The body may sway and vibrate gently. The body may feel warm. An expanding and absorbing force appears in between the hands where one can feel resistance while making opening and closing motions. This method is particularly good at opening the waist, pelvis and tailbone

Information from ‘Basic theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong’


Does the Wall Squat Method strengthen your spine?

The Three Centres Merge Standing Form method is a good way to relax and open the lower back, but so is the Wall squat method! Rolling the spine method is a variation of this method which is easier to do and does not require a deep squat. It is said that innate Qi exists inside the lower back and this qi supports and nourishes the whole body. This Qi comes from both parents at the time of conception, as well as from the mother during her pregnancy. After birth more Qi is acquired, but how to we access this pocket of Qi?

This is not your average squat!

This Wall Squat method was kept secret by traditional masters for centuries, and it is a secret way to relax and open the lower back. Once the lower back is opened, the qi inside the lower back is accessible; Qi and blood of the entire body flows freely. Opening and relaxing the lower back is important for Qi to flow well within the body, this can be achieved by doing Qigong. Because the lower back is the main support for one’s body weight, methods directed at strengthening this area are particularly beneficial.

Health benefits of this method

By restoring the balance of Qi within the body this method provides many health benefits along with strengthening the body immensely. Wherever Qi is blocked in the body, students can use this method to adjust and resolve those Qi blockages. Here are the effects of this practice:

  • Flexion and extension of the spine helps back problems, also aids joint flexibility and nourishment of the joints, develops the hip hinge movement and also helps to strengthen and loosen the internal psoas muscle
  • Increases circulation of Qi, blood flow and oxygen distribution to the limbs
  • Aids the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Deep internal movement that massages the whole body, increases energy and reduces fatigue, also used as a way to reduce stress
  • Helps to strengthen the kidney and adrenal organs and aids the hormonal system.
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body by activating the internal organs and the lymph system (used to draw toxins out of the body)


How does this method work?

This method gives the upper back a massage, improving the function of Zang internal organs in the upper body, the lungs and heart, by directly targeting their acupressure points and increasing sensitivity in the hands. Practicing this Chen Qi method frequently opens up the meridians, which mobilizes internal Qi (unifying Qi in the entire body) and releases any existing Qi blockages. By focusing on the flow of Qi down to the fingertips, it also increases the ability and sensitivity to feel Qi. Within practicing this method students focus their thoughts and cultivate Qi in the lower dantian, the Qi center in the body that supports the physical body.

Exercise the Chen Qi Method with Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming!

The Chen Qi Method developed by Dr Pang Ming was used extensively at the Hua Xia Centre. It is an adjustable practice method easy enough for beginners, but can be made more intense for experienced practitioners. This method deeply strengthens the mind while profoundly benefitting the heart and lungs, and strengthening the immune system. In the videos below, Dr Pang Ming demonstrates the Chen Qi method and provides invaluable insight on this method. One video, the Dos and Don’ts of Chen Qi, Dr Pang Ming offers tips to students on what they should and should not do. Want to learn more about Dr Pang Ming

Dr Pang: Chen Qi Exercise

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Dr Pang Ming Zhineng Qigong – The Do’s and Don’ts of Chen Qi

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What will you achieve?

Dr. Pang used the Chen Qi method to resolve all kinds of chronic illnesses including conditions of the heart, lungs and immune system. This method teaches you how to mobilize internal Hunyuan Qi and strengthen external Hunyuan Qi to improve overall health. You will learn how to open the meridians in the hands and also improve your ability to mobilize internal Hunyuan Qi. While this method is great for improving physical illnesses, many practitioners describe it as a powerful way to strengthen the mind. As the practice of inside and outside, practitioners focus their feelings of discomfort and transform it , often with a smile, with visualization, determination and the conscious redirection of the mind. These teachings and thought processes can be used in daily life to face challenges of the mind.


” There are many ways to do energy healing. Through our own experience, we can create the methods that are most effective.”
-Basic theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong

The La Qi method is everywhere!

This La Qi is a fundamental method in Zhineng Qigong, and more so it can be described at the method of the universe. It deeply relates to the motion law of Zhineng Qigong which relays the movement of the universe and everything inside it. La Qi is the practice of opening and closing. It is almost hidden in most other methods. We find it in the Lift Qi Up Method, in the Chen Qi method and even in more simple practices of Qigong. With these movements we follow the rules of nature as everything is opening and closing, expanding and contracting, moving in and moving out, and most beautifully transforming. But how, and what does La Qi transform? 

The La Qi Method used for healing

In Zhineng Qigong illness and disease within the body are caused by blockages or imbalances in the flow of Qi (life force energy). Practitioners use their mind, by using focused intention, to guide the flow of Qi throughout their body in order to regulate it. Along with physical movements that target the acupuncture points within the body, this promotes relaxation and the flow of Qi, which supports the body’s natural healing processes. With this regulation, students find a variety of health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced stress and tension, and increased overall energy and vitality. By using the La Qi method, practitioners can remove blockages impending the flow of Qi, which can help to transform illness and promote healing. Because of this holistic approach to health and wellness (with an emphasis on a positive mindset to direct focused intentions), techniques evidently improve mental and emotional well-being, as well as physical health. Learn the La Qi method with our FREE Qigong Starter Kit!


What is the body and mind method?

The Body and Mind method is the second level of Zhineng Qigong and it entails developing internal Hunyuan Qi. This internal Hunyuan Qi, found within the body can be developed and work to open the entire body structure. It penetrates deeply inside all layers of the body: the skin, muscles, tendons, meridians and bones. This results in an integration of the whole structure.

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What’s special about this method?

  • Although the postures of this method are challenging, many of the postures can be practiced separately. These postures are designed for Qi to flow and fully open all points and palaces, normalizing the flow of Qi within the meridian channels and making the body naturally relaxed.
  • This method emphasizes the movement and stretching of the ligaments, small joints and other joints we do not often use. By activating these body parts, internal Qi flows with ease and reaches the hair, skin and the tips of fingers. The result is a healthy body, strengthened and more beautiful!
  • This method requires a unified mind and body. While the movements induce Qi naturally, Qi is further induced as the body relaxes and the mind expands throughout the entire body. They movements are even, slow, and gentle. This allows students to feel their body as an entirety while feeling stillness as well. This practice intensifies the development of body and mind, deeply exploring Qigong and increasing the innate wisdom within.

More information on the

Internal Hunyuan Stage

Internal Hunyuan is when the mind merges with the Hunyuan Qi found inside of the body and it requires the mind to be fully concentrated within. Similarly to how cultivating external Hunyuan Qi serves the body by allowing the body to absorb the outside Hunyuan Qi better, cultivating Internal Qi functions the same with the same purpose to serve the body. The difference is that Internal Hunyuan Qi is used to penetrate deeper into the body and it improves the ability of the mind to direct and control Qi. After cultivating External Hunyuan Qi, making Qi within the body abundant, Internal Hunyuan methods are used to unify Qi found in different parts of the body: skin, tissues, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, bones, inner organs etc. It can bring qi directly to different parts of the body.


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