What is Hunyuan Qi Therapy?

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Interpreted from an article by certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist Reyna Lerma.

Often when we experience illness, be it a mental blockage or a physical sickness, we put all of our focus on the illness itself. But this can be the very thing that is holding us back from activating our self-healing abilities. Hunyuan Qi Therapy shifts this focus for us from the illness to the root cause of it. This holistic energy therapy treats disease with external Qi and Zhineng Qigong exercises, enabling us to activate our own self-healing journey.

What is Hunyuan Qi?

Hunyuan Qi is based on the principles first taught at Dr Pang’s world-renowned center, also referred to as the “first medicine-less hospital”. In the science of Zhineng Qigong, the specific term ‘Hunyuan’ refers to the merging and mixing of substances and their transformation into a new whole entity (or holon). Everything in the universe is formed through at least two things merging and transforming – the universe consists of these innumerable holons.

The famous yin-yang symbol represents this principle. Hunyuan Qi is formed by the unification of the three substances: physical matter, Qi and information substance.

All material has Hunyuan Qi within and around it. The Hunyuan Qi around a physical entity is called the Qi field. The larger or denser the volume of material, the bigger and more concentrated the Hunyuan Qi field will be.

What is Hunyuan Qi Therapy?

Through practicing Zhineng Qigong methods and exercise you activate our own self-healing abilities. This healing is activated internally. Huyuan Qi Therapy is a medical treatment facilitated by a trained Hunyuan Qi Therapist or Zhineng Qigong Master that enables us to also receive positive and holistic health information substance and Qi externally.

During this therapy, a trained Hunyuan Qi Therapist creates a Qi field, sending Qi and holistic health information for recovery and rejuvenation, while clearing blockages and helping you activate your self-healing process.

Why is This Therapy Relevant Today?

Recently, chronic diseases have been increasing as a result of imbalances in life.  Some of these imbalances may be: stress, inharmonious relationships and external factors such as pollution.

Western Medicine treats the symptoms but often fails to consider the roots of an illness.  As a result, people seek alternative solutions for a holistic self-healthcare management. And so, a new, integrated understanding of medicine is emerging.

“Health” is also becoming a “mega trend” (a complex, socio-cultural process of change that influences a society over decades).  Since the global pandemic, health and well-being have become more valuable than ever and people’s interest in holistic health and self-healing is increasing.

Moreover, healthcare costs are ever increasing and are not affordable for many.  Therefore, calls for natural therapy modalities are getting louder.

Is This Therapy For Me?

Hunyuan Qi Therapy is for anyone who is striving to fulfill their full potential and increase life force from within. It is also for anyone seeking a holistic form of healing that will enable your own self-healing abilities.

This therapy can also improve the efficacy of medication and other medical treatments such as surgery. After therapy sessions most people report positive sensations such as feeling light, peaceful, relaxed and happy. Often symptoms are relieved straight away.

What Does a Therapy Session Look Like?

Hunyuan Qi Therapy session includes a conversation about your healing intentions and what issues you would like to resolve.

Sessions are very relaxed, open and natural, as this is the best environment for the Qi and information to create an effect.

The Hunyuan Qi Therapist will work with you on these four levels to help you reach your health intention:

  • Strengthening the functions of your body Qi field
  • Strengthening the functions of your membrane system
  • Restoring and strengthening the functions of the Qi and blood-exchange pathways
  • Changing and evolving negative emotional states, limiting thought processes and behavioral patterns.

How Does the Therapy Work?

Hunyuan Qi Therapy involves healing the body’s membrane function and strengthening the membrane system. Improving the membrane system will improve health naturally, as all organs, cells, bones, etc. are connected by the membrane system.

The membrane system functions as a pathway through which materials for survival are transported, and is also considered a “Qi-exchange pathway”.

The objective of Hunyuan Qi Therapy is to get rid of the disease, thereby prolonging life and enhancing one’s life quality. Being a holistic therapy, the focus is the root of the illness, nourishing the life force through reaching more optimal levels of balance, be it in the physical, psychosomatic, and/or vital essence realm of being.

Yet, contrary to western science ideology, the paradigm shift of Hunyuan Qi Therapy is its ability to work exclusively with the inherent and innate ability of the body to heal itself. The focus is the root, not the illness itself.

Below are some characteristics and principles that a Hunyuan Qi Therapist may guide you through:

Setting your Intentions

Intention is truly the fuel source in life, the driving mechanism for the very existence of the universe. This applies to all levels of life living, including daily life activities, and is a key ingredient to the healing process. Our intention is the flag one sets, focusing the mind on it with energy following to reach it.

Your therapist will go through your own personal experiences with you and help you set concise intentions to guide you in your healing journey and in life.

Become Conscious of your Thought Patterns

Once you have created clear intentions for yourself, your therapist will help you align your thought processes with these intentions. This is important because although intention is the instruction of life living, so too are thoughts, in a subtle yet profound way. If we have a strong intention and thoughts that support intention, our intention may manifest very quickly.

Creating your Frame of Reference

This is an important aspect of Hunyuan Qi Healing Therapy because the Frame of Reference is a foundation of our minds’ thinking. Your therapist may refer to this to help you better understand your own consciousness.

Your Frame of Reference points may need to be adjusted to be in alignment with your true intention. One may think of the intention of life as the steering wheel of a boat, the frame of reference as the sails, and the individual thoughts as our steadfastness or attention to the steering.

Putting Everything into Practice

When it comes to the actual therapy, countless methods are available, yet it follows the principles of the nature life. Open/close, absorb/release, in/out, and transform are the steps that all natural life follows. These natural laws are the ones observed in the therapy, and an any imbalance you may experience can be traced to an imbalance in one of these laws.

The Role of a Hunyuan Qi Therapist

The therapist collects Qi from the universe, called external Qi and emits this Qi to you. This is important to know because external universal Qi is ever abundant, and you can relax in the knowing that the therapist is not depleting his or her own Qi through the process.

Depending on your condition and healing progress, your therapist may also recommend specific Zhineng Qigong practices that would benefit you directly. Through practising these exercise by yourself, you develop your own inner wisdom and continue your journey as a practitioner of Zhineng Qigong.

Looking for a Hunyuan Qi Therapist? Find your therapist here: https://hunyuanqitherapy.com/therapists-directory/

2 Year Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program

If you are interested in becoming a Hunyuan Qi Therapist or you would simply like to learn more about how to implement the therapy, you can join the Hunyuan Qi Therapy program.

The training is held online with the option of traveling to two continents over a period of two years – if travel restrictions allow.

The program is recognized in China as the most advanced system of holistic health and wellbeing, and while its methods were only made accessible to a privileged few in China for many years, it is now being taught around the world by Master Yuantong Liu.

He specifically designed the Hunyuan Qi Therapist Training for students interested in this system dedicated to the principles of evolution, regeneration and holistic health transformation.

To learn more about the program you can visit the website here: https://hunyuanqitherapy.com/

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The origin article ‘What is Hunyuan Qi Therapy?’ by Reyna Lerma was first published in the 2018 edition of Zhineng Qigong Science Worldwide Magazine (page 16). This magazine is a project with the collective intention to share knowledge and experiences revolving around Zhineng Qigong Science. To buy their magazines, click here: https://www.zhineng-qigong-students-hub.com/zhineng-qigong-magazine/

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