Golden Week China 2022 – Shedding light on Dr Pang Ming’s Grand legacy

golden week china 2022

You might be asking yourself what does Golden Week have to do with Zhineng Qigong?

In this post, we’ll take a look at where it all began. Spanning back decades, we’ll uncover what Golden Week is and why Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming is so uniquely involved in the holiday we know today.

What is Golden Week?

Golden Week consists of three separate week-long holidays in China. On October 1st to October 8th China celebrates National Day Golden Week. The week serves as a reminder to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, and all the influential changes this has brought. Now with Beijing as a hub for this jubilant time, the entire country is decorated with flowers, flags and fireworks while bright activities roar in the foreground. Many Chinese natives use this as an opportunity to travel, eat delicious food and see there loved ones. Exactly 73 years ago, the new Chinese flag was raised and with this new flag came many changes. This led to the Qigong we know today.

Qigong formed part Chinese culture as a traditional healing practice. In the 1950s, Western Medicine becoming more established and more globalized. Although Qigong functioned on a small scale, it was largely criticized as “feudal superstition” during the Cultural Revolution and a need for a new Qigong was established. In the 1970s this new Qigong emerged much like now, in the heat of Golden Week, celebration was inevitable.

Dr Pang Ming, the pioneer for Qigong Science

The reforms of the new government included a Qigong revolution. Unlike traditional Qigong, this new form was encouraged to more effective while being legitimized by science. Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming was at the forefront of this change. He was a pioneer in combining modern medical science and traditional Chinese practices, which would later prove to be a historical change for the China’s medical field and the future of TCM. Who could understand this concept better than an individual who spent most of their life studying it?

At the age of 6, Dr Pang started his training with Traditional Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial arts. In Beijing he studied Traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine which became a basis for his work. From the 1950s -70s he trained in Martial arts, Buddhist Qigong, Daoist Qigong receiving teachings from several of the most proficient high-masters of the time. By the 1970s he achieved high status as a lead Traditional Chinese medicine doctor even working with senior government officials. When the Ministry of Health had their first session in 1978, to bring together modern medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, he was a prominent member. The following year, in 1979, Dr Pang Ming held the position of Senior Advisor to the Director of TCM in the Ministry as he attended another national conference. Later that year he was the main organizer of the first Chinese Qigong Conference. Dr Pang Ming founded the Beijing Qigong Science Association and initiated the first national convention on Qigong. In the 1980s he would establish Zhineng Qigong, a combination of the best practices he was taught throughout his lifetime.

China National Day 2022 (Golden Week Holiday)

While celebrating China’s Golden Week, remember Dr Pang Ming as one of the people who made a positive change. This gift helped heal millions of people worldwide.


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