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Qi Gong In Tropical China: Master Jianshe’s Story

We hear about the importance of following our heart and intuition all the time, from social media to self-help books to friends. But does such an approach really bear fruit, or is it just Western New Age fluff? Master Jianshe’s journey as a Qi Gong teacher shows us that living from a heart-centred perspective allows […]

Qi Gong For The Corporate World: John Millar’s Story

John sees Qi Gong as an effective tool for teaching soft skills such as leadership and communication, and can be used alongside other frameworks like the Seven Habits model. He has found that it makes learning or honing new skills feel more simple and accessible compared to direct training. People generally have the urge to do things right when you teach them directly, but because Qi Gong “seems irrelevant”, students have “permission to get it wrong”. A seemingly-unrelated teaching tool allows space to ask questions, to make mistakes, to think for themselves. The learning space then becomes more productive. As students often throw difficult questions his way, making it essential to find answers accessible to those unfamiliar with the practice and Chinese medicine (TCM) as a whole, John never stops learning himself.

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